ZEROREZ® Des Moines

Commercial Cleaning

Offices, Common Areas, High Rise, Buildings and Daycare Centers

PROTECT YOUR CARPET WARRANTY: Carpet manufacturers have set a new standard that must be met to preserve your warranty. Our customers are amazed when we show them how much residue and dirt has accumulated from prior cleanings. It’s not too late. ZEROREZ® can actually correct the harmful effects traditional methods have had on your carpet and office environment. In most cases we can restore your carpet to like-new condition.

CLEANING AT YOUR CONVENIENCE: ZEROREZ® will meet your scheduling needs by cleaning at night or whenever you prefer. Your carpet will dry much faster than traditional methods.

CLEANING THE RIGHT WAY SAVES YOU MONEY: The ZEROREZ® cleaning is proven to work better and last longer

ZERO RESIDUE MEANS CLEANER LONGER: Spots and traffic lanes re-appear quickly after traditional cleaning because of the soapy residue left behind. To get your carpets truly clean you need the patented cleaning technology of ZEROREZ®.
We can't have patients walk in to our medical facility and cringe at dirty carpet. Zerorez has helped us clean and maintain our carpet beautifully.
Richard P.